Sexism and the city: you dont need men when you run $60bn in assets

The Independant – Susan Solovay, founder of a New York-based fund of hedge funds, explains to Martin Baker why her strategy of investing only with female managers will pay off – and why Warren Buffett is in fact a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Susan Solovay is every inch the modern female executive in the revved-up engine room of New York finance. She breezes into a noisy, trendy restaurant in midtown Manhattan, and a number of things are pretty much immediately apparent: she is super-smart, pencil-slim with dark hair, deceptively youthful (she’s in her late 40s), fast-talking, full of energy, successful – and late.

Over the din, Solovay apologises profusely. The markets may be going through a dodgy period, and the US economy teetering on the edge of recession, but the founder of Pomegranate Capital, a fund of hedge funds that invests exclusively with women hedge fund managers, is still moving at top speed and cramming ever more into a working day. By the time we meet, all the little overruns have put her behind schedule, and she’s very sorry.

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