Trade Policy 2009-12: Insurance of int’l buyers, hedge funds to be provided

Daily Times – (Islamabad) The government intends to establish hedge fund under Trade Policy 2009-12 to keep the cost of capital, production cost and also account for inflation so that export orders remain within the projected cost. In order to attract international investors in a time of uncertain security, the Trade Policy would also offer life insurance cover to international buyers intending to visit Pakistan. The government would provide inland freight subsidy to export-oriented industries so that transportation charges from industries to shipment destinations is kept at a minimum.

Insurance Cover: Official sources informed that it is important to encourage international buyers visiting Pakistan so that local industries are able to fetch export orders. He said that in the course of policy formulation, the ministry is examining to provide insurance cover to international buyers intending to visit Pakistan for signing import-export contract with local export-oriented industries.

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