Rosemawr Municipal Partners Fund Launch (West Palm Beach) – Rosemawr Management LLC, two months ago launched the Rosemawr Municipal Partner Fund LP,. The fund has seen returns of 0.82% in May and 0.86% in June, since inception on May 1st 2009.

With former Managing Director at Lehman Brothers, Greg Shlionsky, as portfolio manager, the new fund’s investment approach is fundamentals-driven. The investment team believes it possesses a unique understanding of municipal investments’ fundamentals. The investment strategy is based on thorough analysis of securities’ structure and credit, rather than on short-term momentum or technicals.

The fund limits its capital allocation (before leverage) to any one investment to 15% of the Fund (with exceptions made for short-term very liquid securities). Leverage is only applied to securities that the Investment Team considers liquid.

Rosemawr Management LLC, the Fund Manager, is an SEC-registered Investment Adviser focused exclusively on the U.S. Municipal market. The Fund’s Investment Team is comprised of professionals who draw on decades of senior-level experience overseeing municipal portfolios and major trading desks to manage credit, interest rate and event risk. Average Principal’s tenure in the municipal market is 20 years.

In addition to the fund, Rosemawr oversees value-added municipal strategies for family offices (including those of Forbes 100 and Forbes 400 families), ultra high net-worth individuals, and select institutional clients.

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