Book Review: Hedge Funds (An Analytic Perspective)

Seeking Alpha – Hedge Funds: An Analytic Perspective by Andrew W. Lo is a highly technical and intellectual analysis of hedge funds. Mr. Lo has filled his book with many advanced, detailed concepts and statistics about the hedge fund industry. The book is so technical that it reminded me of one of my old college statistics textbooks, filled with complex formulas and mathematical terms.

Warning: This book is not for the average investor (including me). This was the book that I chose to bring with me on vacation. Phrases such as: "Filtered and constrained Sharpe ratio trajectories of tangency portfolios for filtered and constrained mean-variance-liquidity efficient frontiers for 13 CSFB/Tremont hedge fund indexes" is not what I had in mind to read while I sat on the beaches of Long Beach Island, NJ with waves crashing in the background.Seeking Alpha

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