Amidst Rumors About Jobs Health Problems, Apple Shares Drop

eFluxMedia- Quoting an unnamed Wall Street source, the New York Post said that Apple’s hedge fund investors are very worried after Steve Jobs appearance at MacWorld 2008.

In June, Apple downplayed the rumors rumors and speculations regarding Steve Jobs’ health. The company has issued a statement saying that he was affected by “a common bug”. Apple’s spokesperson noted that he had received antibiotics as treatment and is now recovering. After his speech at WWDC, some major news sites and various blogs have commented about Job’s physical appearance. Apple’s CEO appears to have lost some weight and he looked a little pale.

But since then the company didn’t provide any other update on Jobs’ health. The New York Post noted also that other people who have met with Jobs in the weeks surrounding the introduction of the iPhone 3G on July 11, said they came away troubled by his thin appearance.

Jobs’ health is a reason of concern, because he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2003, but Apple did not announce the illness until nine months later, in July next year. Jobs underwent a successful surgery in August 2004.

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