HedgeCoVest Models Favorite and Least-Favorite Sectors

New York (HedgeCoVest.Com) – One of the advantages of having access to the hedge fund managers on the HedgeCoVest platform and the models they run on the platform is that we get to see look over their shoulders to see what they are doing. We can see what stocks they love and what stocks they hate and we get to see how they feel about different sectors.

This ability to track their moves helped HedgeCoVest to create the composite models that are now offered on the platform, but it can also help you. With the ability to analyze where the managers are allocating money, we can share a reasonable amount of information with our readers without divulging anything that might be proprietary information.

For instance, within the long/short composite models, we can see that the biotech sector is the most popular among the managers on the platform as 80% of the positions are long positions compared to less than 20% is allocated to short positions. On the other hand, the least favorite sector is the basic materials sector where we can see the opposite numbers from the managers with 80% of positions allocated to the short side and less than 20% allocated to long positions.

Rick Pendergraft
Research Analyst

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