Hedge-fund scammer a suicide? Victims doubt it

Philadelphia Daily News- A hedge-fund swindler who was supposed to be driving himself to prison abandoned his car on a bridge with the phrase "Suicide is Painless" scrawled on its hood, but no body has been found in the river below – and the victims of his fraud say they doubt he killed himself.

The FBI, too, is skeptical, saying it is "actively looking" for the missing man, Samuel Israel III.

Israel, 48, a co-founder and chief executive of the now-collapsed Bayou hedge funds, was sentenced in April to 20 years in federal prison for conspiracy and fraud, to begin Monday afternoon. He was also ordered to pay $300 million to his victims.

Ross Intelisano, who represents 20 investors who lost $25 million, said yesterday his clients are skeptical about any Israel suicide.

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