Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services Announces Portfolio Analytics and Compliance (PAC) Service

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – To address the increasing demands for transparency and operational controls faced by alternative investment managers, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services today announced the release of the Portfolio Analytics and Compliance (PAC) service, a comprehensive guideline testing and portfolio metrics service allowing hedge fund managers, managed account platform sponsors, and other clients on Northern Trust’s Omnium® technology platform to monitor characteristics and guidelines at every level of their portfolios.

  • Examples include, but are not limited to:
    Daily investment guideline testing against investment restrictions such as market value exposures, factor sensitivity exposures, liquidity requirements, or asset class and issuer restrictions, among others.
  • Daily portfolio metrics reporting, including tracking of industry/sector exposures, weighted average durations, naked option exposures, hedge ratios, and the ability to identify movements or deviations in the portfolio’s profile or strategy
    Risk profile monitoring, such as changes to interest rate, credit spread and volatility exposure
  • Tracking exposure concentrations by issuer, asset class and counterparty
    Monitoring shifts in portfolio liquidity
  • The Hedge Fund Services team at Northern Trust customizes reporting outputs in consultation with clients and performs daily quality controls so each client receives reporting and updates that allow them to effectively manage their portfolios. PAC is available to any client supported on the Omnium technology platform.

“PAC goes beyond traditional compliance reporting,” said Peter Sanchez, head of Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services. “By leveraging the full range of data available in our systems, reports can support our clients’ needs from both a compliance and governance perspective. And because of the flexibility of our data model, reporting can be generated at every level of a firm’s structure, from total firm to individual fund to strategy to an individual trader or portfolio manager. With hedge fund managers focusing on enhanced risk management and managed account platforms growing in popularity, our clients require this level of post-trade analysis to ensure both sound oversight and compliance with investment guidelines.”

A recent Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services survey of hedge fund managers and investors found that more than half of all investors desired more transparency from their managers, even as many managers believe their investors to be satisfied with their current levels of transparency.

“Enhanced transparency and robust governance can be an important differentiator for alternative asset managers with prospective investors,” Sanchez said.

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