Is there a bull market around the corner? – The stockmarket bulls have been very quiet of late, but that might be about to change. The FTSE100, made of up Britain’s biggest companies closed last week at an 11-week high at 4,243 and some fund managers are beginning to talk up a bull market.

One such bull is Anthony Bolton, who is worth listening to. Mr Bolton recently stepped down from running one of the UK’s most popular unit trusts, Fidelity Special Situations. The reason for its popularity was simple. Under Bolton’s stewardship the fund turned an outlay £1,000 into £147,000 over a 28 year period.

Mr Bolton says that "all the things are in place for the bear market to have ended". And "when there’s a strong consensus, a very negative one, and cash positions are very high, as they are at the moment, I’d like to bet against that". 

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