Hedge-Funder Cliff Asness Is Not Afraid of Barack Obama

Nymag.com – As monied housewives have seized upon the confessional essay as a means of expressing their feelings about the Greatest Depression, finance professionals have taken it upon themselves to resurrect a genre of letters that had, in the good times, languished: the "Fuck You" letter.

Hedge-funder Andrew Lahde set the bar high with his fiery resignation note at the start of the crisis back in October, then was ably one-upped by AIG financial-products head Jake DeSantis, who quit in the middle of a furor by penning a poison-pen letter to CEO Edward Liddy which he then had printed in the pages of the Times.

Now Clifford Asness, the filthy-stinking-rich quant behind AQR Capital Management, has one-upped them all by addressing his complaints directly to the president of the United States.

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