Cranwood Capital Announces Launch of Fixed Income Arbitrage Fund

HedgeCo.Net – Cranwood Capital Management LLC has announced the launch of their new fund, the Cranwood Fixed Income Arbitrage Fund. The fund seeks to generate high, absolute returns by using Treasury futures to arbitrage temporary discrepancies occurring along the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve.

After building their reputation as a propriety trading firm and posting average monthly returns of 2.93% since July 2005, growing interest from outside investors prompted the team to restructure themselves as a hedge fund. So far, the fund has received interest from both high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

The management team, headed by CEO Peter Powers, has been working together for five years, covering the full 22 1/2 hour trading day. They are able to assemble and liquidate substantial positions in all of the spreads up and down the yield curve as the market presents opportunities over the course of the trading day.

“We make our money daily, in small increments, by taking advantage of minor price adjustments caused by technical supply and demand factors, thus capitalizing on our execution edge,” explains Powers.

Cranwood uses no leverage, seeking more consistent and stable returns. Risking no more than 2-3% of capital each day, their objective is to never take a loss they can’t recover from in two to three days.

The Cranwood Fixed Income Arbitrage Fund has a sister fund, The Cranwood International Fund, a British Virgin Island-domiciled hedge fund, that mirrors the domestic fund.

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