Insolvent Millionaire Says Multi-Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Doesn’t Have $175 Million

(Dealbreaker) James Dondero and his hedge fund Highland Capital Management have a lot of experience when it comes to the legal system, enough to earn an honorary law degree or at least election as president of the United States. (Although it should be noted that the current litigious occupant of that office hates Dondero so much he actually sided with his wife in the divorce.) Alas, as any such veteran of courtrooms and arbitration hearings knows, you can’t win’em all, and in this case it’s looking very much like Highland has lost its fight with the investors who sued it for freezing their assets during the financial crisis, promising three years later to pay them back in another three years, failing, and then getting fired by those same investors, who kept suing Highland all the same.

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