What Do Institutional Investors Want from Their Hedge Fund and Private Equity Portfolios?

(Preqin) Institutional investors are a vital source of capital for the alternative assets industry and, as the industry matures, private equity and hedge funds have come to play an increasingly important role in investors’ portfolios. Preqin’s Private Equity Online and Hedge Fund Online track over 6,200 institutional investors in private equity and over 5,000 investors in hedge funds respectively. However, at present the trajectory of these two asset classes looks somewhat different. Institutional investors tracked by Preqin are currently, on average, over-allocated to hedge funds, with an average current allocation of 15.1% compared to an average target of 14.1%; however, they are under-allocated to private equity at the higher average current allocation of 17.0%, compared to a target of 18.7%.

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