United Nations Pension Fund Considering Hedge Fund Investing

imagesNew York (HedgeCo.Net) – The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, which covers 190,274 participants, retirees and other beneficiaries, is reportedly looking into adding hedge funds to its portfolio, the pension has over $52 billion in assets.

CNBC reports: “The U.N. is considering investing directly in external money managers or using a broader fund of hedge fund structure—or both—according to a person familiar with the situation. Either way, the pension staff views hedge funds as an important portfolio diversification tool that would add to current alternative investments in private equity funds and a non-hedge fund vehicle managed by Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates.”

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A study by Barclays Capital shows that pension plans in the US have increased allocations to hedge funds by around $250 billion since 2009.

U.S. financial group State Street recently published a study finding that 77% of pension funds expect their appetite for alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity funds to increase over the next three years.

29% of pension plans already invested in hedge funds planned to up their exposures while 25% said they would invest into the asset class for the first time. 60% confirmed they would increase their private equity allocations and 46% said they would bolster their real-estate investment portfolios.

Last year’s report for the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund can be found here.

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