HedgeCoVest Takes Top Honors At Benzinga Fintech Awards Ceremony

20150408_205546New York (HedgeCo.net) Over 115 top Fintech firms from across the nation entered the 2015 Benzinga Fintech Awards competition in March to recognize the most impressive new technology catering to financial services and capital markets.

At Wednesday night’s awards ceremony in New York City, HedgeCoVest won top honors in the competition winning “First Place Overall” and “Best In Class For Alternative Investments.”

“The competition for these awards included some of the biggest and cutting edge names in the industry. To be selected by this distinguished panel of industry experts as “First Place Overall” and “Best in Class for Alternative Investments” is an extreme honor to our firm, and a testament to the technological innovation of the HedgeCoVest platform,” said Evan Rapoport CEO of HedgeCoVest.

HedgeCoVest LLC, is a real-time hedge fund replication platform, providing retail investors, registered investment advisors, and institutional allocators the ability to invest in hedge fund strategies via their own separately managed brokerage account.

20150408_200746HedgeCoVest’s unique structure and proprietary technology offers hedge fund strategies to a broader investor base beyond accredited and institutional investors. The platform’s intra-day liquidity, low investment thresholds, and simple flat fees meet the growing demand from hedge fund investors for more favorable investment terms.

“Investors have been demanding lower fees, better liquidity, and greater transparency from the hedge fund industry for several years,” said Mr. Rapoport. “After looking at our platform the judges could clearly see how our cutting edge technology meets and exceeds all these demands, while enabling the investor to maintain full control of their assets.”

HedgeCoVest has 60 investment strategies signed up to the platform and is currently open to select investors. HedgeCoVest clients can create custom portfolios of hedge fund strategies and will soon be able to allocate directly to custom products. These products include the HedgeCoVest Hedge Fund Index, the first real-time, investable hedge fund index providing intra-day liquidity and next day, security level transparency.

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