CBS Coverage Offers Protection for Hedge Funds

HedgeCo.Net – The "post-Madoff era" and the litigious society in which firms operate today have presented many operational risks that are beyond control.
 Managers are not getting paid to take those risks and the consequences can be devastating.  

Regulatory investigations and private litigations are on the rise and may result in expensive legal defense and the allocation of resources away from your business.

The new administration supports increased transparency and the regulation of
hedge funds.  In addition, there is an immense amount of international pressure in favor of regulation.  This has made it very politically attractive to support the legislation of industry regulation, which may potentially threaten your business.

But there are options.

At CBS Coverage, the Financial Institutions Risk Group is focused solely on protecting your fund, its investors, and yourself.

CBS provides an excellent added value to your hedge fund and can help increase your investor confidence and trust.

For further information, please read our whitepaper and receive a complimentary

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