Hedge fund managers Goodwood and GuestLogix go mano a mano

Financial Post – Round one between hedge fund managers Goodwood Inc. and GuestLogix Inc. is over. Both sides have returned to their corners preparing for round two in a battle that may go to 15 and occupy the combatants’ attention till June 30, 2015. Between now and then there’s lots of potential for wild punches, counter-punches and possibly final knockdowns.

Goodwood is a determined fighter, an activist with big wins under its belt. For instance, in 2012 it launched successful challenges at Longford Energy Inc. and Dacha Strategic Minerals Inc.

Along with its largest shareholder, Chicago-based Kabouter Management LLC, Goodwood is fully supportive of GuestLogix’s most recent acquisition, the US$41.2 million acquisition of Dublin-based OpenJaw Technologies Ltd. Kabouter referred to the deal as “very accretive” and game-changing “because it creates the world’s first and only complete ancillaries platform, capable of everything from provisioning and merchandising to transacting. Most interestingly, though, there is an enormous cross-selling opportunity that the market is overlooking.”

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