The hedge funds always win in the end

Independent – The collapse of Lloyds’ share price on Friday afternoon was deeply upsetting – and not just for shareholders in the bank.

Two weeks ago, those annoying folk at Paulson & Co, the hedge fund that has made a fortune from the credit crunch, took a sizeable short position in the bank. It looked like a duff bet: having sold Lloyds short at about 65p, the fund watched as the bank’s share price climbed to about 125p. And then the HBOS loss was disclosed and Lloyds plunged to 61p on Friday. That calamitous drop will have earned Paulson tens of millions of pounds. Darn it.

Bankers at the Japanese investment bank Nomura are cock-a-hoop at having earned fat fees advising Chinalco on its £200bn investment in the mining giant Rio Tinto. For various cultural and historical reasons, it is pretty unusual for Japanese companies to win work from China, so this was a breakthrough deal for Nomura. It was secured by the mining team that Nomura acquired when it bought bits of Lehman last year. In every cloud there’s a silver lining.

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