Hedge Fund Founder Dondero Faces Former Colleague In Jury Trial

istock_court_465x288_140110_t460New York (HedgeCo.Net) – James Dondero, a co-founder at hedge fund Highland Capital Management, is set to face a jury trial against a former colleague who has an ongoing defamation suit against the firm, The Dallas Morning News reports.

The hedge fund issued a statement saying that the former executive, Patrick Daugherty, had “unreasonable compensation demands,” and that he suffered from a “neurological condition.”

Previously, Daugherty had testified at Donder’s divorce proceedings (on the side of the wife,) attempting to invalidate a prenuptial agreement. “Our client was hard-working, dedicated, accomplished and worked for Highland for many years with a high level of performance, they’re punishing Pat Daugherty by not paying him.” His lawyer said.

“We believe this case was caused by a disgruntled employee attempting to improperly use the legal process to attack Highland’s reputation,” The hedge fund’s lawyer said, according to The Dallas Morning News. “We look forward to the opportunity to present our evidence to a jury.”

Alex Akesson
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