Top 10 Trends in Institutional Securities & Investments, 2013

User Contributed News – A new report from Aite Group reveals the top 10 trends that will shape the institutional securities & investments industry in 2013.

While regulation will remain a dominant concern and industry driver, it is in a more mature phase relative to previous years, particularly with regard to evolution across worldwide markets and in the areas of high frequency trading, OTC derivatives, the global liquidity landscape, and the entire post-trade space. The transformational nature of today’s global capital markets is also leading to organic areas of growth and new opportunities, including additional attention to the emerging markets and compelling developments in market structure consolidation.

For 2012, then, Aite Group’s top 10 trends for institutional securities & investments are as follows:

  • Investor fund flows rise and shift to emerging markets
  • The high frequency trading market evolves
  • Market structure consolidation?
  • The futurization of OTC markets—game on!
  • Asset manager outsourcing on the rise
  • Agency vs. principal trading in the global liquidity landscape
  • Trade repository reporting—once mundane, now painful
  • Increasing tensions in the post-trade space
  • Big data for big challenges
  • The collateral management industry grows up

“It’s no secret that change and uncertainty have made growth opportunities for IT investment increasingly difficult to obtain,” says Sang Lee, managing partner with Aite Group and co-author of this report. “Nonetheless, Aite Group has pinpointed a few clear areas that are gaining attention: big data, collateral management, and the vitally important trend of outsourcing among asset managers.”

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