Hedge Fund Founder Warren Buffett On Women In Investing

Warren BuffettNew York (HedgeCo.Net) – Hedge fund founder and investor extraordinaire Warren Buffett  had a few words to say about women in investing over at UK newspaper The Telegraph.

“As fears grow that the United States is preparing to plunge over the “fiscal cliff”, the octogenarian philanthropist said he expected a deal to be reached to avoid automatic austerity measures kicking in.

But over the longer term he said he was particularly optimistic about prospects for the US because the country was finally beginning to harness the full potential of women…. He said affording women the same prospects to succeed as men was key to a bright economic future. “[It is] one of the things that make me so optimistic about the future.” The Telegraph reports.

“I see how far we’ve come using only half the talent in the country and now we’re getting to the point that we are using 100%. It makes me optimistic but we still have a way to go”. Buffet said during an interview with BBC.

“Woman have been subjugated for time immemorial. In this country in 1776 we said all men are born equal – and then ignored that fact for 150 years until the 19th amendment. I saw it in my own family. I was born in 1930 with an older sister and a younger sister, and the hope was that they would marry well and the hope for me was that I would fulfil my potential, whatever that would be.

“It was two human beings with enormous potential and it was assumed they could be a nurse or a secretary or a flight attendant. Or they could be a teacher – but not in upper education. What a waste of human talent – 50% of the population was pushed off into the corner for 200 years.” Warren Buffet concluded.

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