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Hedge Fund Start A Hedge Fund - The Alpha Cooperative LLC

Julie Corcoran, Director of Business Development
152 West 57th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 646-558-3570
Website: http://www.thealphacoop.com


The Alpha Cooperative LLC ("TAC") provides immediate institutional infrastructure for managers and investors in the alternative investment industry. Our highly experienced team of hedge fund professionals provides firms with the support they need to stand out among their peers. Firms choose from four platforms of services and a variety of scalable cost structures to promote the best chances for growth. TAC's services include accounting, operations, risk management, compliance, investor relations, and a technology infrastructure. Recent years have seen a change in the views and expectations of investors toward their hedge fund investments. In order to attract these investors, smaller, even start?up managers are expected to adhere to the same standards of operational excellence as their larger competitors. By partnering with TAC, firms will receive a higher standard of best practices along with the infrastructure and support required to successfully grow their business.

Francina Russell, Manager Corporate Services
Phone: 1 (345) 769 3401

Gary Mair, Esq., Across Infrastructure business-legal
Phone: 2036537159

divya nath, basiz fund services
Phone: 40458242

Wayne Ross, Independent Director
Phone: 3459470834

Tyra Jeffries, Founding Principal
Phone: (312) 718-1228

Michael J Zammit, CSB Group CEO
Phone: +35625572557

Nicolas Gomez, Co-Founder-VP
Phone: 754-245-1334

Frank Scolaro, Director
Phone: 0207 7543770

Stuart Fieldhouse, Director
Phone: +44 207 377 1489

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