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Hedge Fund IT Service Provider - Eze Castle Integration

Tim Kennedy, Eze Castle Integration
529 Fifth Avenue
New York, 10017
Phone: 212-954-0618
Website: http://www.eci.com


Eze Castle Integration is well positioned to perform as an investment firm’s partner in providing and managing a world-class IT infrastructure. Today, over 650 hedge funds and alternative asset management firms worldwide entrust their technology operations to us and for good reason.

The Eze Private Cloud is a premier enterprise-grade, private cloud infrastructure that provides firms a highly redundant, secure and scalable IT environment. The Eze Private Cloud spans three continents, supports thousands of users and is managed by Eze Castle Integration. It holds a SOC 2 Certification and is the foundation for Eze Managed Suite, Eze Managed Infrastructure and Eze Voice.

Eze Managed Suite is a fully managed IT solution that provides flexibility and simplified IT operations. The solution combines a robust, highly secure private infrastructure via the Eze Private Cloud with key business applications, built-in disaster recovery, intrusion detection/prevention, and professional IT management. 

Eze Managed Infrastructure provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring. 

Eze Voice is the premier host VoIP solution for financial services firms featuring must have features including ‘bridge appearances’ and ringdowns. 

Beyond cloud services, Eze Castle Integration also provides Cybersecurity Consulting and Cybersecurity Protection solutions to firms plus Outsourced IT Support, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, Archiving, Internet Service and more. Find out why we are the preferred hedge fund technology service provider

Learn more at http://www.eci.com/cloud.


Hedge Fund IT Service Provider - ACE IT Solutions

Warren Finkel, Managing Partner
515 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022
Phone: 646-558-5575
Website: http://www.aceits.net


ACE IT Solutions understands the importance of technology to today's financial firms. We keep hedge funds productive by supporting their mission-critical IT infrastructure. Financial services firms, hedge funds, brokers, and asset managers rely on our experts to implement the best technical solutions that provide maximum efficiency, reliability, and compliance. In addition to technology consulting services, ACE IT Solutions offers a portfolio of managed services including 24x7 Help Desk, 24x7 Server/Network Monitoring, Offsite Backup, Email Archiving and Email Security. We understand compliance requirements and have developed a platform to cover all of our clients' technology needs.

Hedge Fund IT Service Provider - RDB Concepts LTD

Phillip Evans, Chief Executive Officer
11, Phoenix Park Carlton Square
Telford Way, Coalville LE67 3HB
Phone: +441530837985
Website: http://www.rdb-concepts.com


RDB Concepts is a specialist information technology services provider. Our aim is to enable organisations to be more productive by working with them to improve their IT service levels. Our team of specialists is highly experienced in implementing, supporting and managing advanced software and database technologies on UNIX and Windows environments. We have a track record of improving the the performance of Beauchamp Fund Manager and Sophis on Oracle. Our customers are assured and have a sense of security in the knowledge that RDB Concepts are focused and engaged on their systems. We enable our customers to feel SAFE

Yigal Behar, CEO
Phone: 646-755-3933

Warren Finkel, ACE IT Solutions
Phone: 646-571-3957

Aaron Harley, Senior System Administrator
Phone: 888-735-9926

John Lamport, Analyst
Phone: -7412225027

Jessica Perdunn, Enterprise Sales Advisor
Phone: 856-375-8415

Thomas Howard, Account Executive
Phone: 424-254-4885

Victoria Lim, Marketing Assistant
Phone: (877) 687-0003

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