Hedge Fund Consultants


Phillip Evans, Managing Director
DBH House Carlton Square
Carlton, NA NG20 0SH
Phone: +447980827601
Website: http://www.rdb-concepts.com


RDB Concepts is a database service company specialising in Database and Infrastructure Support and Performance. RDB Concepts has a track record of improving the the performance of Beauchamp Fund Manager on Oracle.

James Collins, ABLsoft
Phone: 505-660-8255

Jon Sundt, Altegris Investments
Phone: (800) 828-5225

Marc Nassim, Partner
Phone: 00971557116940

Stephen McDermott, Director
Phone: +44 (0) 207 526 4900

Shivratan Rajawat, Balaji Consultancy Services
Phone: 9351200920

Bill Beaulieu, Beacon Consulting Group
Phone: 6175234030

Rom Beneche, Managing Director
Phone: 732-851-3746

Max Castaneda, President
Phone: 904-315-7327

Agustina Izurieta, Analista de Mercados
Phone: +54 0358 154909502

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