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Meet Patrick Walsh, The Do-It-Yourself Hedge Fund Activist You’ve Never Heard Of

(Forbes) In the increasingly crowded world of flashy activist hedge fund managers, Patrick Walsh, 39, plays against type. The founder of the $150 million PW Partners in Chicago wasn’t schooled at Wharton and has no Ivy League pedigree or M.B.A. […]

Fortress Joins Growing List

New York (HedgeCo.net) – This has not been a good month for alternative asset managers, at least not in terms of their own earnings performance. On Thursday, Fortress Investment Group joined a growing list of alternative investment firms that have […]

Hedge Fund Billionaires Bet On London As Revival Gathers Pace

(Bloomberg) London’s fund industry is bouncing back, and U.S. billionaires Steven A. Cohen and Ken Griffin are grabbing a piece of the action.Griffin’s Citadel and Millennium Management, a hedge fund run by Israel Englander, have bulked up in London, where […]

Viewing Liquid Alternatives Through A Hedge Fund Lens

(Daily Alts) Liquid alternative investments, also known as “alternative mutual funds” and “liquid alts,” have experienced a rapid growth in popularity, with the number of funds offered and their assets under management soaring over the past two years. Despite this, […]

A Hedge Fund Billionaire Says There Are Only Two Things You Need To Remember About Investing

(Business Insider) There’s more than one way to skin a cat. The stuff Paul Tudor Jones has made his billions based on does not appear in any traditional investing textbook. Ben Graham would read his stuff and roll over in […]

Puerto Rico Can Manage Debt, Hedge-Fund Backed Study Finds

(Bloomberg) A report released by a group of hedge funds that own $5.2 billion of Puerto Rico bonds said the island’s central government can pay what it owes, showing the resistance the commonwealth faces as it seeks to restructure its […]

Hedge Funds Are Most Bearish On U.S. Oil Since 2010

(Bloomberg)Hedge funds are more bearish about the outlook for U.S. oil prices than at any time for almost five years, according to data from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.Hedge funds and other money managers had a net long position […]

Greece Extends Market Showdown As Government Begins Discussions

(Bloomberg) The Greek government extended the shutdown of its financial markets at least through Monday as it prepared to welcome creditors for negotiations on a third bailout program. A decision on when and under what conditions Greek markets will reopen […]

At 78, Scientist Is Starting A Hedge Fund

(Wall Street Journal) George Zweig discovered the quark at age 26, assisted with a covert military operation during the Vietnam War and helped design one of the first cochlear hearing implants.Now, at 78, he is starting a hedge fund. To […]

China’s Stock Market Pain Is India’s Financial Gain

(Bloomberg) The tumult in China’s stock markets has turned into a blessing for Indian shareholders. International investors are pulling out of China, fueling record outflows through the Shanghai-Hong Kong exchange link, amid a $2.8 trillion plunge in mainland equity values […]

Blackstone Reports FoHF Assets at Record $67.8bn, 6% Revenue Growth

(Hedgefund Intelligence) The big news about Blackstone Group’s second quarter 2015 earnings was that profits were down 74% and total revenues down 46% from the same period a year earlier. But the story in Blackstone Alternative Asset Management’s Hedge Fund […]

Wall Street’s Heavy Hitters Think This Is The Next Big Short

(The Business Insider) Jeff Gundlach thinks junk bonds could be the next big blowup. Carl Icahn agrees. Others are pointing to the burst in non-traditional bond fund inflows and the proliferation of exchange traded products that traffic in some of […]

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