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Can Hedge Fund Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Save America’s Public Education System?

Forbes – If the folkloric character of Robin Hood actually existed, he’d be hard-pressed to find any place better to ply his trade than Greenwich, Conn., perhaps the wealthiest town in the world. It happens to be the home of the Tudor Investment Corp., a $13 billion hedge fund run by the energetic 59-year-old Paul Tudor Jones II.

You can literally see the money being made. Sitting in his office, in a crisp white shirt and a tie flecked with navy blue and orange (the colors of his alma mater, the University of Virginia), Jones is surrounded by a series of Peter Beard photographs, yet to be hung, and a more interactive kind of art dancing above his head: His computer projects his fund’s market positions onto the wall, blinking when any share changes price, its overall performance channeled into a moving graph (which just so happens, as with most days for the past few decades, to be pointing up). “I sit here and watch these all day,” says Jones, describing his daily work routine.

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