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Fund tycoon Rajaratnam fights for less prison time

Reuters – Convicted hedge fund tycoon Raj Rajaratnam is fighting to the last minute to convince the judge who will decide his fate next week to imprison him for far less than the 19-1/2 to 24-1/2 years demanded by prosecutors.

At a hearing on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court, Rajaratnam’s lawyers disputed prosecutors’ descriptions of the Galleon Group founder as a “serial” offender deserving of one of the longest sentences for Wall Street insider trading.

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One Response to Fund tycoon Rajaratnam fights for less prison time

  1. Lisa Lao says:

    Well – a little extra time may help Rajaratham loose some weight – his pot belly is ruining his $10,000 Armani Suits. But then again it depends on where they coop him. If he is going where Milkin went then its will be essentially a vacation – perheps he can write a book on how he defrauded investors and make another bundle like Milkin did. Then again he may end up where he will become someone’s girlfriend.

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