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Hedge Fund Founder Speaks At Harvard Business School

images (1)New York (HedgeCo.net) – George Schultze, Founder and Managing Member of hedge fund Schultze Asset Management, LLC., was a lead speaker in Harvard Business School’s Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring course taught by Professor Stuart Gilson yesterday.

During the three sessions, he discussed both potential risks and opportunities for distressed securities investors in mature industries as demonstrated by the Harvard Business Review case (“Arch Wireless, Inc.”), which Mr. Schultze helped to develop based on his experiences investing in that company.

“It is an honor to return to Harvard Business School and join Professor Gilson again as a guest speaker. Both the professor and his students are outstanding, and each year that I participate, I also learn something new,” said Mr. Schultze. “Today’s capital markets show interesting similarities for post-reorganization securities to those evident when the Arch Wireless company restructured a number of years ago,” he added.

Mr. Schultze also noted that companies in many of today’s very mature industries – such as publishing, yellow pages, and commodity production – could benefit from the extreme cost cutting and other shareholder-friendly actions that Arch management employed after it emerged from reorganization.

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