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Real Estate Investment Tips, Risk Assessment and Strategy

Three Tips to Help You Avoid Stepping Face First into Real Estate Risk  Limiting risk in real-estate investments substantially increases your chances of earning high returns.  A solid risk assessment prevents you from getting burned, losing your initial investment or much worse. Investors pick real estate for three main reasons: Earn positive cash flow, take advantage of tax benefits or […]

News that Moves: Consumer Confidence, Foreclosure Face-Lift, Dallas Fed President…Can You Label These Stories Correctly?

RCM Comment: For today’s read I have put together a selection of stories for your amusement. One story is a fantasy, one a horror and one a Greek tragedy. Let’s make this Audience Participation Day: The first person to send me a comment labeling the stories correctly will receive a genuine Rosenthal Capital Management polo shirt. Good luck… ECONX Consumer […]