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How Countries could Propagate Global Blockchain Adoption

  By David Drake   Impact investing is increasingly being embraced by companies across the world. This investing model is proving worthwhile because it gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop solutions to real problems in their society in a sustainable way while generating financial returns. Blockchain technology could prove to be a crucial tool in the impact investing model. The […]

Can Crypto-Wallets Drive Blockchain to Mass Adoption?

  By David Drake   The mobile telephony sector has, in the past few years, experienced tremendous developments that have changed how users interact and do business around the world. These developments range from flexible designs and use of artificial intelligence, to wireless connections and most recently, integration of blockchain in mobile phones. Henceforth, mobile phone companies are gearing towards […]

Fake Data is Causing the Drop in Cryptocurrency Trading Volumes, Here’s Why

  By David Drake   The first two months of 2019 saw cryptocurrency exchanges register less trading volumes compared to what had been recorded in the same period last year. In fact, a report released by Diar, a research firm that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, states that trading volumes at the beginning of this year are at their lowest […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes with Crypto Wallet and ETH Support, How will this Transform the Crypto Industry?

  By David Drake   Blockchain, originally the launching pad for cryptocurrencies, has evolved into a sovereign entity capable of transforming different market sectors. The mobile industry has demonstrated an acclimatization to this new technology when Samsung Electronics became the latest to pre-install a crypto wallet into its Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. The wallet of choice, Enjin, is considered the […]

Can Blockchain Supported Projects Boost Crypto Industry Growth?

  By David Drake   Blockchain has been adopted in various ways around the globe. For example, Latin America has positioned itself as a territory with extensive interest in blockchain technology. In this region, various sectors see blockchain as having the potential to propel economic growth, transparency and financial development. Already, Brazil is using blockchain to reduce corruption and facilitate […]

Argentina Pledges to Match $50,000 for Binance Labs Projects

  By David Drake   Binance Labs has gotten a major endorsement from the Argentinian government when the Ministry of Production and Labor decided to co-invest in 40 of its blockchain-related projects. The government has agreed to match up to $50,000 for each project financed by Binance Labs for a maximum of 10 projects per year over four years. The […]

Blockchain-Based Smartphones are Real, Will they Catalyze Crypto Adoption?

  By David Drake   Mobile phones have proven to be a phenomenal development that has changed how people operate in their daily lives. Mobile phones, and especially smartphones, have evolved from being just a simple communication gadget to a rather critical tool with diverse functionality as opposed to its initial intended purpose. Today, it’s possible to accomplish many of […]

Can Samsung’s S10 Crypto Wallet inspire Mass Blockchain Adoption?

  By David Drake   Since the first mobile phone was developed over 40 years ago, the technology has significantly grown to become a platform where other technologies can establish themselves. There are  more than 4 billion mobile phone users in 2019 who are now able to enjoy nearly every service imaginable, from simple utility applications to complex ones. This critical mass […]

How Philippines is Establishing Itself as Asia’s Crypto Hub

  By David Drake   Philippines’ Union Bank has become the first bank to partner with the central bank of a country to launch a two-way cryptocurrency ATM machine. Users of this ATM will be able to sell and purchase digital assets by converting local fiat currency, the Peso, to bitcoins. The first bitcoin ATM machine was launched in 2015. […]

How Collaboration towards Crypto Regulation is Working in the Philippines

  By David Drake   There are over 4,450 cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally, which represents a 62% growth over a period of one year.  A recent Crypto ATM Market report projects that in the next five years, an exponential annual growth rate of at least 46% will be experienced in the industry. Further, the report projects an investment of $183 […]