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Hedge fund fees are being squeezed

MIGHT two-and-twenty become one-and-ten? Since 1990 the number of hedge funds has grown by 14 times to over 7,000, but abundance has not lowered prices. Funds typically still charge clients a management fee of 2% of assets and 20% of […]

Ex-Citadel Manager Returns 18% With Atom Japan Fund

Bloomberg – Atsuko Tsuchiya, the Japanese hedge- fund adviser who left Merrill Lynch & Co. to found her own firm, led Atom Japan Equity Fund to an 18 percent return in 2008, beating rivals who suffered the worst year on record. […]

Deephaven’s Hedge Fund Bought by Stark Investments

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – Deephaven Capital Management signed a deal on Tuesday to sell the assets of its flagship hedge fund, Knight Capital Group Inc., to Stark Investments. The founders, Brian Stark and Mike Roth, will give Deephaven investors […]

Hedge fund assets likely to lose up to $450bn

Business Report – Hedge funds lost more money last year than any year on record. It may get worse this year, forcing fund managers to overhaul investment strategies, reduce fees and make it easier for clients to withdraw cash. The […]

Hedge Fund Assets May Fall $450 Billion After Worst Performance

Bloomberg – Hedge funds lost more money in 2008 than any year on record. It may get worse in 2009, forcing fund managers to overhaul investment strategies, reduce fees and make it easier for clients to withdraw cash. The $1.2 […]

Hedge Funds Rally in December, Post Record Losses on the Year

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Although hedge funds finished up 2008 with some of the worst numbers to date, they showed some signs of promise in December.  According to the latest research by the Hennessee Group LLC, a New York-based advisor […]

Steel Partners Seeks to Convert Biggest Fund to Public Company

Bloomberg – Activist investor Warren Lichtenstein is seeking to convert his largest hedge fund into a publicly traded partnership after clients sought to withdraw 38 percent of their money. The $1.2 billion Steel Partners II Fund lost 39 percent last […]

Bank Safdie Dodges Madoff Loss, Predicts More Hedge Fund Rules

Bloomberg – Banque Safdie SA, the Geneva-based wealth manager that withdrew money invested with Bernard Madoff three years before his alleged Ponzi scheme unraveled, said the scandal will mean more hedge fund regulation. “What Madoff has done is highlight the […]

Hedge Funds Will Be Ruined by Withdrawal Limits:

Bloomberg – Looking for a new definition of a hedge fund? How about an organization that takes 20 percent of the profits on your money in the good times, then refuses to let you have it back when the weather […]

Success of managed futures is a mixed bag

Chicago Tribune – Strong returns are a mixed blessing this year for investment funds that specialize in trading futures contracts. While the stock market plunged about 35 percent, managed futures funds posted annual returns of about 16 percent, according to […]

Paulson Not on Board with Redemption Restrictions

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – John Paulson, head of hedge fund firm Paulson & Co., recently spoke his mind on the wave of redemption freezes that many managers have chosen to impose.  “We think it’s a mistake for our managers to […]

Game changes for hedge funds

International Herald Tribune – Hedge funds have suffered a shakeout in 2008. The average hedge fund fell almost 20 percent, according to Hedge Fund Research. No fund has yet required a bailout. But many won’t be around in the new […]