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Schwartz facing reluctancy with JPMorgan job offer

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Alan Schwartz may be having second thoughts about his new position at JPMorgan Chase, reports the New York Post. According to the paper, the former Bear Stearns CEO is contemplating JPMorgan’s offer for a non-executive vice […]

Bear Stearns passes into Wall Street history

Financial Times – Jimmy Cayne apologised for the first time to Bear Stearns shareholders and employees on Thursday as the investment bank he helped build into a scrappy powerhouse formally disappeared into Wall Street history as the biggest victim of […]

Sovereign funds may have biggest impact on alternative assets

Reuters- Sovereign wealth funds, which control up to $3.7 trillion in assets and have been making headlines as they buy assets in the West, will ultimately have the biggest impact on private equity and hedge funds, analysts at JPMorgan Chase […]

Hedge Funds in Swaps Face Peril With Rising Junk Bond Defaults

Bloomberg – It’s Friday, March 14, and hedge fund adviser Tim Backshall is trying to stave off panic. Backshall sits in the Walnut Creek, California, office of his firm, Credit Derivatives Research LLC, at a U-shaped desk dominated by five […]