Monthly Archives: February 2011

Soros Joins Paulson Saying Fed Did Too Little to Prevent Financial Crisis

Bloomberg – George Soros and John Paulson, who oversee two of the world’s largest hedge funds, say the Federal Reserve helped cause the financial crisis through inaction and lack of oversight, according to interviews released yesterday. Paulson, whose Paulson & Co. made […]

SAC’s Trading Mimics Insider Dealings Identified by Prosecutors

Bloomberg – SAC Capital Advisors LP traded at least 11 stocks near the time of insider trading in the same shares that prosecutors have identified at other hedge funds, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Former SAC portfolio managers Noah Freeman […]

Hedge Fund Acquisitions: BV Investment Partners Acquires Butterfield Fulcrum

New York ( – Private equity firm BV Investment Partners (formerly Boston Ventures), has agreed to acquire hedge fund administrator Butterfield Fulcrum and family office specialist FORS Limited in partnership with industry veterans Glenn Henderson and Tim Calveley. “This investment […]

Portuguese bond yields hit 10-year high

UPI – Portuguese debt went from buy to sell Wednesday, forcing yields to 10-year highs and renewing concern of a possible economic bailout, a rates strategist said. “Once again we’re back into this lull where they (EU policymakers) have promised […]

Hall’s Astenbeck fund beats rivals even as oil lags

Reuters – Andrew Hall’s ability to beat competitors with a 12 percent return on his flagship hedge fund and raise over $1.5 billion last year is probably unsurprising from a trader accustomed to outsmarting rivals. The surprise is that he […]

Bakrie Group’s Ridwan Plans Indonesia-Focused Stock Hedge Fund

Bloomberg – Edwin Ridwan, who helped set up the proprietary equity trading desk of Bakrie Group last year, is seeking capital to start an Indonesia-focused hedge fund that will bet on rising stocks. Ridwan, 41, is in talks with the […]

Fed says no leeway on Volcker Rule timing

Reuters – The U.S. Federal Reserve has denied requests from financial industry players to give them more leeway in the time they have to comply with the Volcker Rule, the agency announced on Wednesday. The Fed put out a final […]

Hedge Funds Care to Honor Anthony Scaramucci

New York ( – Hedge Funds Care, an international non-profit organization which raises funds and awareness within the hedge fund industry for programs that work to prevent and treat child abuse, announced that it will hold its 13th Annual New […]

Hedge Fund Mergers & Acquisitions: Alpha Theory/Axtell Consulting Group

New York ( – Alpha Theory announced the acquisition of hedge fund risk management consulting firm Axtell Consulting Group. The acquisition allows Alpha Theory to offer a more comprehensive set of risk and portfolio management consulting services to its clients. […]

Ten Best Hedge Funds of All Time

Benzinga – Several publications try to rank hedge funds based on their one year or three year performance. These criteria aren’t sufficient to determine which hedge funds truly deserve to have the top rankings. They employ some filters to eliminate […]

US sentencing guidelines: a cornerstone of hedge fund compliance practices

Reuters – Compliance regulations couldn’t get any more press coverage than they do today, given the almost daily raft of new SEC and Treasury rules. Putting the proposed and actual laws aside, however, have you ever stopped to wonder what […]

Are hedge fund managers the Tories’ trade unionists?

BBC – Labour leaders and Labour prime ministers have since time immemorial (well almost) taken millions of pounds of funding on behalf of their party from trade unions, and devoted a considerable slug of their waking hours to telling the […]