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SEC Approves New Money Market Regulations; Motives Questionable, ZeroHedge Strengthens Case For Gold

The following is from www.zerohedge.com.  This piece is so profound that a reprint is required: The SEC passes regulation that only STRENGTHENS the case to own Gold Suspending Money Market Redemptions Is Now Legal; SEC Approves New Money Market Regulation In 4-1 Vote… …Well, in a nearly unanimous vote, Money Market Funds now have the ability to suspend redemptions, courtesy […]

Gold and The COT Short Position, U.S. Treasury Winds Down Money Market Funds Guarantee

I have been asked by a few readers about our thoughts on the COT short position in the Gold market. For those not aware, COT represents the commercial traders in Gold. Conventional wisdom states that if COT has a significant short position look out below. In our opinion this “wisdom” is incorrect. I would like to direct your attention to […]