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Hawkish Fed Comments From Warsh, Bullard, Plosser Why? Terrible Economic Numbers, Chicago PMI, MBA Mortgage Applications

U.S.$ weakness of late has spurred a cacophony of comments around the world for a new reserve currency. Now the Fed is attempting to fight back. Over the last few days a number of Fed governors have made hawkish statements to bolster the U.S.$ (the fact that these comments were offered before, during and after the G20 summit is not […]

US$ Decline, T-Bond Prices Decline / Rates Up, CRB Index Down, Precious Metals Higher

By viewing the five charts above, (UUP = US$, TLT = Treasury bonds, CRB = Commodities, GLD = Gold) you have just witnessed a graphical demonstration of the beginning of the stagflation trade. Those of you who read this blog regularly know we have been warning of the inevitable rise of hyper-inflation at a time when a jobless recovery will […]

RCM Editorial: Believing in The Gold Bull Market. Does it Take Faith or Simply Common Sense?

I feel compelled today to discuss what I am hearing is the eminent demise of the Gold bull market. I have been forced to field emails, phone calls and, yes, even a text message on this topic over the last couple of weeks. To say the least, I am disappointed with some in our flock. Over the last 3 years […]

News that Moves: Volcker Takes on the Fed, Obama and the IMF, TARP Exit Debate

RCM Comment: IT’S ABOUT TIME!! By Timothy R. Homan Bloomberg News Saturday, April 18, 2009 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said Congress will probably review the authority granted to the Fed following emergency credit programs doubling the central bank’s balance sheet to $2.19 trillion. “I don’t think the political system will tolerate the degree of activity that the Federal […]

RCM Editorial: Fed Action Leads to Market Reversals: The Cat May Have 9 Lives

A quick update to the post on Friday the 13th: I wrote last Friday that this week’s action would hold some of the keys to unlock the true direction of the markets going forward. Dead cat bounce or a real change in direction? That is the question that needs answering. Allow me to begin by writing that real changes don’t […]