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Greek Fears Ebb, Gold Advances, Stimulus Demands Grow

Euro zone gives Greece 30 days to show good on deficit – Reuters The tsunami of Greek fear begins to ebb and like proverbial clockwork the US$ drops almost 1%, the equity markets rally over 1% and Gold runs back above the $1100 level up over 1.5%. By now, as readers of this blog, the financial market behavior described above […]

Greek Bailout Speculation: The Effect on The US$ and Gold

Turn off the TV and forget about the newspaper. If you want to understand the equity market gyrations of the last couple of weeks simply log on to an internet service like Briefing.com and watch for updates to the sovereign debt crisis.   Today’s trading is a perfect example of this new paradigm.  The Greek tragedy has turned into a farce […]

Looming Defaults and the Effect on Currencies, US$ vs Euro

The race to the bottom is on! The only question remaining: Who will blink first? I am referring to the race to default.  As you will see when reading the stories below, the USA and the EU have major cracks in the foundation.  Should Greece and/or Portugal default on debt the Euro would suffer accordingly. However, if and when California […]

Gold Hits New High, U.S.$ Approaches New Low, Nouriel Roubini Rants, Geithner and Lamont Looking Similiar, Saudi Central Bank Denies Replacement $

Gold breaks out to a new high up 2.4%, Silver up 4.36%, the equity markets are up over 1.5%, and the U.S.$ is down another .66%. The inflation trade is alive and well. I would like to begin with a quick comment on Nouriel. I have reprinted the essence of his most recent comments for your perusal: Nouriel Roubini appears […]