Free Hedge Fund Webinar on Thursday, September 24

The hedge fund arena is currently undergoing a tremendous amount of change.  As the size of the industry has shrunk over the past year, numerous funds have been forced out of business.  Meanwhile, investors have become much more discerning with their capital when compared to the boom years of earlier this decade.  Lastly, increased scrutiny from Washington and beyond threatens to change the way managers approach their marketing and operating strategies.  In today’s Darwinian investor landscape, funds are judged by how they respond to these issues, adapt, and position themselves for future success.

On Thursday, September 24 Eze Castle Integration will be hosting a free, one hour webinar at 11 AM ET.  It will feature three accomplished industry veterans sharing their wisdom on a variety of trends affecting the current hedge fund landscape:

Marketing Evan Rapoport, Co-founder, HedgeCo Networks

Due Diligence John Budzyna, Global Head of Hedge Fund Consulting, Deutshe Bank Securities Inc.

Technology Vinod Paul, Managing Director, Eze Castle Integration

By the end of the conference, listeners should walk away with a series of recommendations and best practices aimed at helping their funds to adapt to the changing hedge fund environment.  To sign up for this free event, please register here.

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