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Hedging loopholes

Blueridgenow.com – Hedge funds have been in the news recently, usually with a watered down description of the characteristics of these investment vehicles. Most folks know that Chelsea Clinton works for a hedge fund (Avenue Capitol), and that John Edwards […]

Number of hedge funds could halve in ’09

Reuters – Turmoil in financial markets could halve the number of hedge funds by next year, and the survivors will likely charge less for their service, an industry executive said on Monday. Ultra-wealthy investors, who fueled a doubling in hedge-fund […]

Will Both Large And Small Hedge Funds Survive?

istockAnalyst.com – September may in fact be the cruelest month of all, at least for hedge funds – now even worse than the previous "comeuppance month" just this last July. Popular funds, such as Greenlight Capital and Maverick Capital had […]

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