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Top 3 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Hedge Fund Billionaire Ray Dalio

Forbes – I spend nine years at Bridgewater Associates in an executive role working closely with Ray Dalio.  As a result whenever I meet fellow entrepreneurs at conferences, business meetings, or social events, they are curious to know about Bridgewater Associates and Ray Dalio.  I get very poignant questions that you see discussed all over social media and the press: What is it like to work at Bridgewater? Do you agree with Ray’s book “the Principles?” and on and on.

The best way to answer these questions is by sharing what I have learned from working with Ray. Nothing I write represents the official views of Bridgewater or of Ray Dalio. Other current and former Bridgewater employees probably have different views and interpretations. You can view Ray Dalio’s interview on Bloomberg to hear his thoughts directly or can read the principles on the company’s website.

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