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Hedge Fund Futures/Forex Brokerage - TradePortal Futures

Trey Lazzara, TradePortal Futures
305 Aria Dr.
Austin, TX 78738
Phone: 512-366-3299
Website: http://www.tpfutures.com


We offer 24 hour direct access to the world’s futures, FOREX, and options market. Multiple clearing arrangements and trading platforms allow us to customize turnkey trading solutions with far greater flexibility than any single entity. Our volume allows us dramatic economies of scale which we pass on to our customers in competitive commission rates. We help facilitate exchange memberships to further reduce transaction costs. Our innovative risk management system allows us to offer large amounts of intraday and portfolio leverage. We provide access to proprietary technical analysis, geo political news, trading systems, low latency API access and server hosting.

Mark Sackoor, Abaco Futures LLC
Phone: 5612834282

John Moran, Advanced Markets LLC
Phone: 7045449446

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