n2 Enterprises, LLC

Hedge Fund Real Estate - n2 Enterprises, LLC

Norberto Villanueva-Gomez, Managing Partner
3355 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Phone: 719-453-8690
Website: http://www.thereodepot.com


n2 Enterprises, LLC is a real estate investment and consulting company connecting institutional buyers and sellers of bulk REO and NPN's . Managed by a formerly licensed real estate broker and mortgage loan officer, we operate with the utmost regard for client confidentiality and privacy while implementing cost efficient solutions to benefit all parties. With an institutional buyer client and numerous sources for assets in place, we are launching a robust portal from which to network with like minded professionals and are poised to become the leader in an industry filled with either poorly trained or otherwise inexperienced operators, all vying for and often marketing the same book of business in a myriad of daisy chains. Focused on matching assets based on investor needs and vice-verse, we insist on being direct whenever possible, and only work with those are no more than one away from the principal or their mandate. As such, we've broken the chains of confusion and inefficiency, offering the order and process our industry needs. Refusing to sacrifice quality for quantity, we purposely limit business opportunities pursued in favor of consistent results.

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