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Commentary from Black Gold Readers

Editor’s Note: Thought that there might be interest in commentary from readers, after reading the article “Samuel Foucher, logi Energy: Peak Demand or Peak Consumption? A Look at the OECD Demand” Let us know what you think! Gail the Actuary on November 11, 2009 – 10:17am Thanks, Sam! This is really a nice post. Explains a piece of the puzzle […]

Black Gold: From the Trading Pits

Crude Oil: This week we closed up $2.75 at $72.04. We have a Sell Signal as of now. The market has not been able to take out $75. Until it can take out $75, we should maintain a negative view on the market. It should have advanced to new highs in the upper $70’s, or low the $80’s, but it failed to do that. Upside momentum ran 26 weeks but has now turned negative and this bull market look to be over Continue reading