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Stalking a Bear or a Windmill? Commodity Prices Surge, Inflation Trade Gains Steam

Is it a bear or a windmill we’re stalking? You may find yourself asking that question as the equity markets drift higher seemingly oblivious to a myriad of negative news.  Classic commentary such as “the market climbs a wall of worry” or “the trend is your friend” are being bandied about with increased regularity.  Of course, these sayings are useless […]

Rosenberg: Anniversary of 666 & Government Sponsored Volatility

March 10th, 2010 Two remarkably well thought-out pieces by David Rosenberg, brought to us by Zero Hedge, demand our immediate attention.  Yesterday, Rosenberg used the anniversary of the S&P 500 low of 666 to draw some meaningful comparisons. Today, his discussion on Government sponsored volatility is spot on and needs to be absorbed if a successful investment strategy is to […]

Commentary from Black Gold Readers

Editor’s Note: Thought that there might be interest in commentary from readers, after reading the article “Samuel Foucher, logi Energy: Peak Demand or Peak Consumption? A Look at the OECD Demand” Let us know what you think! Gail the Actuary on November 11, 2009 – 10:17am Thanks, Sam! This is really a nice post. Explains a piece of the puzzle […]

Market and Diesel Fuel Hedging Discussion

Considering the Crack Spreads, the best place to Hedge is in the Crude Oil. Continue reading

Black Gold: From the Trading Pits

Crude Oil: This week we closed up $2.75 at $72.04. We have a Sell Signal as of now. The market has not been able to take out $75. Until it can take out $75, we should maintain a negative view on the market. It should have advanced to new highs in the upper $70’s, or low the $80’s, but it failed to do that. Upside momentum ran 26 weeks but has now turned negative and this bull market look to be over Continue reading


Welcome to Black Gold the HedgeCo blog site about Energy and investing operated by logi Energy. logi Energy is an investment management team that invests in the oil and gas sector in equities, options, futures, as well as on and off shore oil and gas fields and wells. In this premier post, I’d like to tell you who we are and what we believe. In other posts, other team members from logi Energy will provide detail and clarity to my mere words. The basis of our investment approach is that peak oil has occurred in the world. The world will never produce as much oil as it did in 2008 – ever again -. Continue reading