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Differences Between Capital Introduction and Third Party Marketing

If you ask ten different hedge fund professionals to explain the difference between third party marketing and capital introduction, you are bound to get ten different answers.  Though often confused, each practice serves a vital role in attracting capital to the industry.  Recently in his Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Blog, Evan Rapoport, Co-founder of HedgeCo Networks, spent some time dissecting […]

Madoff & Credit Suisse – how did a major bank lose $925.9 mln?

The Times broke a story which based on “Internal forecasts” the reported losses of investments made into Madoff funds by Credit Suisse clients could reach $925 million. This follows the admission that Swiss bank UBS lost $1.4 billion. Credit Suisse are standing firm on their statement that they didn’t have anything to do with promoting or selling Madoff investments. While […]

Thierry de la Villehuchet Rollup

The big news today is that Thierrie de la Villehuchet, co-founder of Access International Advisors, and former Chairman and CEO Credit Lyonnais Securities USA was found dead in his Madison Avenue office. Initial reports point to suicide. Not a lot of information is public right now but following are some bullet points. Access International Advisors website claims that they “Specializes […]