Insider Tips on How to Get Hired at this Publicly Traded Firm

From New York and San Francisco to Hong Kong and Israel, FXCM is looking to fill a number of positions within the company. StreetID spoke to a human resources specialist at the firm to learn everything you need to know before you apply.

“Primarily what we recruit for is client-facing type roles, especially within our satellite offices,” the specialist told StreetID. “Corporate offices have a little bit more well-rounded opportunities in regard to corporate-level positions.”

Jeremy Wagner, Head of DailyFX Education (the education arm of FXCM), told us that there has only been a brief time in the last five years when FXCM was not hiring. The HR specialist said that’s because of the need to continuously fill key positions “where we’re looking for financial services, sales [and] operations.”

“A lot of what we’re looking for is individuals who [want] a fast-paced environment and are very financially market-savvy,” the specialist added. “Excellent communication skills — we do certainly want to make sure that we are retaining the best in the business in terms of customer service orientation. That’s primarily what we look for.”

At the company’s office in Plano, Texas, FXCM is mostly looking to fill entry-level positions. The specialist said that they are appropriate for “individuals who want to gain some good exposure to the particular markets, as it is not a vast market — opportunities are not typically available in these locations.”

“That is because we do promote a culture of internal mobility, meaning that we’re hiring for entry-level roles, whereas we primarily promote from within,” the specialist explained. “As people move up and progress into senior-level positions, we need to fill some of our more entry-level positions that are more client-facing in nature. We do cultivate individuals within the company that, from the perspective of training them on the market, getting them to understand the FXCM culture — the way that we deal with our clients — before they’re able to progress and move up into upper-level positions.”

FXCM is also looking for a compliance VP (New York), a senior systems administrator (New York), a compliance associate (Israel), two quality assurance QTP engineers (Dallas, New York), and a marketing executive (Hong Kong), among other roles. “It’s a well-rounded amount of positions,” the specialist said, adding that the offices in New York and Hong Kong typically offer the most opportunities.

Before applying, prospective candidates “definitely need to know what we do,” the specialist said. “Certainly to understand, at least, the functionally of the currency market, and understand what sets us apart from our competitors.”

The specialist recommends that job seekers take some time to explore “If you’ve seen our website before, it’s very good, providing you with what you need to know about our company, our advantages — what we have that our competitors don’t,” the specialist said. “Also, doing some basic reading on our articles that are about the market news. And downloading the demo is kind of a big thing that we like to see — individuals who can, at least, comprehend the product and have seen it, felt it, touched it.”

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