Live Blogging the GroupOn IPO – Completed!

Groupon Inc, the daily deals company who has shot to fame in the last few years, is looking to raise $700 million in this IPO. The Company is selling 30 million shares, and will open at $20/share.

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Aaron Wormus works as the Managing Director of Website Creation at HedgeCo Networks and has worked with HedgeCo since the end of 2004. Prior to working with HedgeCo Networks, Aaron managed a private consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time he worked implementing back-end systems for clients ranging from telecommunications companies to mining companies and Silicon Valley software distributors. Aaron Wormus is a published author who has studied Information Technology and Journalism in Finland. His written work has been published in various technology magazines, translated into 5 European languages, as well as published book. Aaron regularly speaks at PHP Programming conferences, and is involved in the organization of his local technology user group.
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