Summary of SEC Emergency Order on Short-Selling Disclosure

This document is intended to be a summary of the SEC Release No. 58591 on September 18, 2008.  For the full SEC document, please go to the following link: .  For the Edgar Form SH:

Who does this ruling pertain to?

  • An institutional manager that exercises discretion on accounts with at least $100,000,000 in FMV of 13(f) securities
  • An institutional manager that was required to file a form 13(f) for the quarter ended June 30, 2008

What will is required?

  • Filing a new form – Form SH

When is filing required?

  • 1st business day of every calendar week in which a short sale of a 13(f) stock was effective.  The rule is effective as of 09/22 and the filing is due on 09/29.  The rule terminates on 10/2 so unless it is extended the only filing due is on 09/29.

What is required on the form?

  • Number and value for each security sold short of 13(f) securities
  • Does not include short sale of options
  • For each day of the week, the following information must be submitted:
    • Name of Issuer
    • CUSIP
    • Short Position (Start of Day)
    • Number of Securities Sold Short (Per Day)
    • Value of Securities Sold Short (Per Day)
    • Short Position (End of Day)
    • Largest Intra-Day Short Position
    • Time of Day of Largest Intra-Day Short Position

Do All Positions Need To Be Reported?

  • Do not need to report position if the short position is less than 0.25% of issued 13(f) securities
  • And, The FMV of the position is less than $1,000,000

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