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This blog entry was delayed because I have been spending all my free time (and some of my non-free time) playing with Google Chrome. I am using chrome to create this post, and will do a review shortly!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, we hope that everyone is having a relaxing time with their families & friends. Over the last few weeks out technical and design team has been working very hard on some core design & functionality features in two of our websites, and over the holiday weekend we have rolled them out.

HedgeCo.Net has a new home page!

This is part one of an ongoing project to tweak the look and feel of HedgeCo so that it is community-friendly. Hedge fund data is the primary focus of HedgeCo, and the reason why we have such a large accredited investor community. For compliance reasons, we are not able to display this data on any public pages, however, with this redesign we’ve given our accredited and community members a taste of some of the trends in the hedge fund market.


As you can see, we’ve removed the fund names and replaced them simply with the strategy that the fund is using. This widget rotates and gives information from our hedge fund ranking system based on highest YTD returns, highest Sharpe/Alpha etc. Once you are logged in you are able to view the fund names.   We are planning on using the same system to bring our fund strategy rankings/analysis into the public sections of the site – this is slated for Q1 2009.

Apart from making more hedge fund data public, we also believe that our news & industry commentary is extremely important in such a fast moving industry. To this end we are also prominently featuring our breaking news on the home page of our website. There are a lot of other changes we made, such as bringing our service provider directory / Hedgeducation articles to the front page. Please let us know what you think.

HedgeCo Websites is ALL New

Apart from the great new design, the major underlying change to is that it is now hosted on our own HedgeCo Websites platform. This not only makes the site much more powerful but serves as a perfect demonstration of what our team can do for our corporate clients.

We’re very happy with this new site, please take the time to look around and give us any feedback.

About Aaron Wormus

Aaron Wormus works as the Managing Director of Website Creation at HedgeCo Networks and has worked with HedgeCo since the end of 2004. Prior to working with HedgeCo Networks, Aaron managed a private consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time he worked implementing back-end systems for clients ranging from telecommunications companies to mining companies and Silicon Valley software distributors. Aaron Wormus is a published author who has studied Information Technology and Journalism in Finland. His written work has been published in various technology magazines, translated into 5 European languages, as well as published book. Aaron regularly speaks at PHP Programming conferences, and is involved in the organization of his local technology user group.
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