Alaric Compliance Services, LLC

Hedge Fund Compliance - Alaric Compliance Services, LLC

Guy F. Talarico, CEO and Founder
150 Broadway 3rd Floor
New York, 10038
Phone: 212-243-5241


Alaric Compliance Services, LLC provides independent compliance solutions to registered and unregistered investment advisors, registered investment companies, private equity firms, business development companies, hedge funds and broker-dealers with AUMs ranging from $150 million to $110 billion. Our services include: Independent Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) Monitoring and Testing Services SEC Mock Examinations Compliance Consulting Services SEC Registration Services Since our formation in 2004, Alaric has become a leading provider of independent chief compliance officers with assets under compliance supervision of over $200 billion. Alaric also provides support to in-house CCOs through our comprehensive monitoring and testing program and independent compliance consultations and evaluations, including SEC mock examinations. Headquartered in New York City, we have a regional office in Chicago and staff based in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

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