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Stephen Boyle, Business Development
130 Turner Street Building 3, 4th Floo
Waltham, 02453
Phone: 888-441-3339
Website: http://www.gainskeeper.com


Automate Complex Fund Tax Calculations & Reporting As a fund manager, calculating complex tax calculations like wash sale adjustments, straddle tracking & linking and dividend received deductions and then reporting them correctly can be extremely tedious, time-consuming & error-prone. Outsourcing this sophisticated tax work can be costly, yet you must account for these adjustments for accurate reporting. That's why more than 3,000 US hedge funds & mutual funds rely on GainsKeeper FundTaxPro from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services to automate fund adjustments for capital gain/loss tax reporting. We extract transactions from your accounting system, automate the calculations, track deferrals & deliver tax reports directly to your desktop. By helping funds avoid wash sales, manage capital gains distributions and increase after-tax performance, GainsKeeper FundTaxPro can significantly reduce time spent on tax compliance & minimize the risk of tax reporting errors. GainsKeeper FundTaxPro Automates: Wash sale adjustments Calculates wash sale deferrals and reversals Straddle linking & tracking Links and tracks straddle positions, including loss deferral and holding period adjustments REIT dividend & basis adjustments Calculates return of capital, long-term capital gain and 1250 amounts paid on REIT securities QDIs Calculates QDI dividend reporting DRD Calculates dividend received deduction Dividend Expenses Calculates the holding period in relation to the determination of whether to expense or capitalize a dividend Streamline Fund Tax Reporting Find out why so many funds rely on GainsKeeper FundTaxPro to automate complex fund tax calculations & streamline tax reporting. Send an email to Steve.Boyle@WoltersKluwer.com or call us today at 1-888-441-3339 to learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

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